Two-channel audio analyzers generate signals down to 0.1 Hz

Amsterdam, Netherlands — Audio Precision has unveiled two-channel models — the APx520 and APx525 — of its APx500 series audio analyzer. The APx525 offers two balanced and two unbalanced analog inputs and outputs plus 192K digital inputs and outputs. The APx520 provides the same performance and analog connectors, but no digital I/O.

New breakthroughs allow the two-channel audio analyzers to generate signals down to 0.1 Hz. Maximum input voltage is rated at 300 Vrms (160 Vrms for unbalanced) and typical THD+N is -108 dB (at 1 kHz, 2.5 V). The APx520 and APx525 are also the only audio analyzers in the industry to enable common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) measurements in accordance with IEC60268 section 14.15.1, according to the company.

Both instruments target R&D engineers and production technicians who want fast and easy audio test, but who may not require the ultra-high performance of AP's 2700 series or the simultaneous multiple channel capability of the APx585 and APx586. The audio analyzers offer one-click measurements, and the automated measurement sequencer and continuous sweep technology can derive 14 measurements in as few as 7 seconds.

Pricing: Starts at $9900 in the U.S. Price may vary in other countries.
Availability: First units will ship in mid-summer 2008.
Product information: APx520/525

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