UHF ASK/FSK receiver/transmitter line targets industrial applications

Heilbronn, Germany—Aimed at industrial applications, Atmel Corp. has launched a competitively priced UHF ASK/FSK receiver/transmitter family dubbed the ATA8x0x.

Applications include remote controls for consumer and industrial systems, access control, alarm and telemetry systems, energy metering, and home automation as well as active RFID tagging systems.

The UHF ASK/FSK receiver ICs ATA8201 (313- to 317-MHz) and ATA8202 (433- to 435-MHz) are aimed at low-cost industrial RF receiving systems with low power consumption requirements.

The ICs include an integrated IF filter, low-phase-noise VCO, PLL, and loop filter, and as such require few external devices and no external filters — adding to their cost-efficiency. Their fully integrated filters provide the best combination of large bandwidth and excellent receiving selectivity, which enables the large transmit and receive distances typically required for industrial applications. These transparent receivers can be operated with a separate microcontroller for bit check and polling modes. Additionally, the ICs' large oscillation margin enables the use of very low-cost crystals.

The UHF ASK/FSK PLL transmitter ICs ATA8401 (310 – 350 MHz), ATA8402 (423 – 439 MHz), and ATA8403 (868 – 928 MHz) are designed for low-cost RF transmission systems in industrial and consumer applications with data rates up to 50 kBaud (ASK) and 32 kBaud (FSK) respectively.

The transmitters feature an integrated PLL loop filter, ESD protection, a CLK output for clocking the microcontroller, and a single-ended antenna output with a highly efficient power amplifier.

Pricing: For the ATA820x receiver ICs starts at $1.26 and for the ATA840x transceiver ICs at $0.71 for 10,000-piece quantities.
Availability: Sampling.

Datasheets: ATA8201, ATA8202, ATA8401, ATA8402, and ATA8403.

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