ULDO regulators support low- to medium-power apps

Dallas, Tex. — Diodes Inc. has released two ultra-low dropout (ULDO) regulators. The AP7165 and AP7167 devices are the company's first ULDO regulators to support servers, notebook computers, network cards, FPGA/DSP power, and other portable or battery-powered electronic devices.

The AP7165 and AP7167 feature a very low supply current, typically 125 uA from zero to maximum load, making it suitable to support a wide range of low-power applications. The AP7165 drives a load current of 0.6 A, while the AP7167 drives 1.2 A.

Both devices feature a Power OK Output (POK), which can be used for either power sequencing control when managing multiple supplies or monitoring output voltages in critical systems. Both products are said to exhibit excellent characteristics in dropout voltage and supply current, making them suitable for a broad range of low- to medium-power applications.

The AP7165 and AP7167 devices are available in an ultra-thin DFN package with a maximum height of 0.6 mm. Other features include an adjustable output with a range from 0.8 V to 5 V, current limit, short circuit protection, thermal shutdown, fast transient response and high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR).

These devices are available in a 10-pin DFN3030-10 package and are fully RoHS compliant, including Green Molding compound. Both support an industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Diodes Inc.,

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