Ultra-compact power systems support wireless networks

Valere Power, a provider of innovative power infrastructure for the telecommunications industry, announces new versions of its Mini DC Power System that expand the system's application range to include in-building and other small wireless networking sites.

The Mini DC Power System has a current level of up to 400 amps, making it the smallest (1RU or 1.5 inches high) high-power DC power system on the market. The system was originally designed for applications where power concentration is high and space is constrained, such as voice over IP (VoIP), power over Ethernet (PoE), blade-based server or router farms, metropolitan Ethernet, customer premise routing, or remote-terminal deployed broadband services.

But the announcement today of new HJ and HK models with expanded management controller and power distribution options makes the system appropriate for wireless network applications.

“As wireless carriers seek ubiquitous network coverage they are now looking to expand their networks into buildings where coverage has been poor, but where they could see expanded usage of voice and 3G data services,” said Greg Fasullo, Valere co-founder and vice president of sales and marketing. “With the new HJ and HK configurations of our Mini DC Power System we have the smallest, most efficient system available for these networks.”

At least one wireless carrier has announced a major expansion of its network using microcells to provide better voice and data coverage within buildings and to compete with emerging wireless LAN options such as Wi-Fi. The challenge in powering a microcell is to provide enough power for its radio transmitter while matching the small form factor of the systems.

The Mini DC Power System HJ version is a 2RU-high unit with power distribution that is optimized for wireless applications. The system has up to six circuit breakers or 10 fuse positions for power distribution to up to 10 different networking systems. One or two low-voltage disconnect connectors are available to protect batteries from becoming too empty, a condition that can shorten the battery's life.

The HJ also features Valere's BC controller with full telecommunications functionality including monitoring of thermal conditions and management of battery capacity and health. Controller data is accessible either via a front panel LCD or remotely via a Web-based interface.

The HK configuration is 1RU high and offers up to 300 amps of current with either bulk output or up to 14 fuse-based distribution points. The system comes available with either a network interface card or a thermal relay input/output controller capability.

All of the systems use up to four of Valere's ultra-compact H-Series Rectifiers, which are available in 12V, 24V or 48V versions with current levels up to 100 A. These rectifiers are based on Valere's patented 93% efficient power conversion technology that dissipates 35% less heat than conventional technology. The systems are configured for front-to-back airflow and are NEBS level 3 compliant.

The Mini DC Power System is available now .

Valere Power, headquartered in Richardson, TX, is an advanced AC/DC power system company with proprietary technologies that reduce power dissipation and system size, simplify installation, and offer advanced remote monitoring for telecommunications service providers and enterprises.

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