Ultra-compact, ultra-low delay MPEG2 encoder

Frontiers Co., Ltd., a pioneer in HD video-over-IP transport technology, has announced that it has developed and released an ultra-compact MPEG2 encoder HD c3000e, which can be integrated with a commercial HD camera.

The HD c3000e is an HD-compatible encoder unit equipped with a compact, lightweight, ultra-low delay MPEG2 encoder core, which can be attached to a wireless HD relay camera. In addition to HD compatibility, the HD c3000e has achieved ultra-low delay of around 10 msec. Its compact size and lightweight also allow it to be attached to a wireless relay camera. The HD c3000e is an encoder unit that meets the on-site needs at shooting scenes.

Physical features of HD c3000e

– Dimensions: Height: 35mm, Width: 160 mm, Depth: 160 mm
– Weight: 700g or less

The HD c3000e is capable of encoding digital signal, which is input via SDI I/F, in MPEG2 format and outputting the stream data to ASI I/F in TS format, etc. Audio is compatible with linear PCM (SMPTE302M compliant). MPEG2 allows video transport with higher image quality and less bandwidth compared to JPEG2000.

Key Features
– Industry's first, compact, lightweight and power-saving design.
– Delay through the encoder and the decoder is only 10 mm sec.
– The case is made of material with high thermal conductivity and employs
a fan-less, drip-proof and dust-proof design.
– Up to three sets of configuration files can be memorized.
– HD c3000e can be mounted to a camera using a detachable commercial
V-shaped holder.

FRONTIERS has already started production of HD c3000e and plans to begin delivery soon. Prior to the release, a demonstration using HD c3000e will be shown in the Fuji Television booth at the IMC TOKYO 2008, which will be held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan, from June 11 to 13, 2008. Please come and see the quality and size of HD c3000e. For details about IMC TOKYO 2008, please visit

As transition to digital broadcast accelerates, FRONTIERS expects the compact, lightweight, HD-compatible HD c3000e to be widely used at scenes requiring mobile shooting, such as sports broadcasting, concerts and other events, and news reporting.

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