Ultra-high-linearity amplifiers housed in lower cost package

Palm Bay, Fla. — Spectrum Microwave has introduced a line of lower cost amplifiers that provide ultra-high linearity and a low noise figure. These amplifiers feature a new lower cost and lighter weight J-lead surface-mount package. They are suitable for a wide range of applications including military radios, mobile communications platforms, point-to-point and multipoint radios, and military jammers.

These new amplifiers are low cost versions of Spectrum's designs used in high-end commercial and military applications that typically use Kovar-style (and TO-8) packages.
“The performance is extremely good with IP2 values hitting +75 dBm, and all the blocking circuitry included inside the housing; just a RF-in and a clean bias is required,” said Spectrum.

The QBH-8900 series amplifiers are available with frequencies from 20 MHz to 4,000 MHz, and noise figures as low as 0.9 dB. The amplifiers offer gain from 10 dB to 28 dB and third order intercepts to +45 dBm.

These ultra-high-linearity amplifiers do not require external circuitry, only a DC power supply. The amplifiers feature internal blocking caps, biasing circuitry and RF matching.

Pricing: $50 to $99 depending on quantity and configuration
Availability: Typical lead time of four to six weeks.
Product information: QBH-8900

Spectrum Microwave , 1- 888 553-1531,

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