Ultra-small LED driver targets portables

San Jose, Calif. — Micrel Inc. has launched the MIC2299 high-brightness (HB) LED driver, which the company touts as the industry's smallest and most powerful LED driver for portable applications. This high-efficiency boost DC-to-DC converter features an integrated 3.5-A guaranteed switch current and delivers a net output power of 7-12 W in a 3 x 3-mm MLF package. The HB LED driver targets photoflash and torchlight applications in mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, and emergency lighting.

The high-current integrated switch in the MIC2299 allows the device to deliver at least 1 A into two WLEDs or 750 mA into three WLEDs connected in series. This enables a powerful torch for illumination in dark environments or a brilliant flash for improved picture quality in low-light situations, said Micrel. LED brightness can be dynamically controlled by applying a voltage or PWM signal to the brightness pin. The IC operates at a fixed 2-MHz switching frequency with an efficiency reaching up to 90 percent.

The MIC2299 solution requires only a small, low-profile inductor and small ceramic capacitors. The solution operates from an input voltage range of 2.5 to 10 V.

Pricing: Starts at $1.70 for 1,000 quantities.
Availability: Available in volume production.
Datasheet: MIC2299

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