Ultra-small step-down regulator has integrated FETs, internal compensation

Milpitas, CA, November 9, 2004 ” Intersil Corporation announces a new 2 amp integrated FET synchronous buck regulator with internal compensation and 100 percent duty cycle. The EL7532 is an addition to Intersil's EL753x family of integrated FET DC-DC regulators with 0.6 A to 2 A of continuous output currents. This family is ideal for space-limited on-board post regulation for use in applications that require 3.3 V or 5 V input, USB-powered, single Li-Ion battery or multiple NiMH battery.

Intersil's EL7532 delivers 2A of continuous output current and operates with an input range from 2.5 V to 5.5 V over an ambient temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. The EL7532 is able to achieve the 2A of continuous current rating over the full operating temperature range due to the fused lead package. Compared with a regular MSOP-10 package, the fused lead package provides lower thermal resistance, resulting in lower die temperature. The output can be externally set from 0.8 V to Vin with a resistive divider. Using an internal oscillator, the EL7532 operates at a switching frequency of 1.5 MHz with up to 94 percent efficiency. This high switching frequency reduces the inductor cost and the size of the inductor and capacitors, bringing the total solution area to approximately 0.18 inches (squared) – less than half the area of a dime. Additionally, a sync pin allows for synchronization to an external clock operating up to 12 MHz, enabling placement of the switching noise outside of frequency bands critical to the application. Other features include a shut-down mode in which the device only draws 1 μA of supply current, an external enable control, and an integrated power-on-reset function with a fixed 100 ms delay. The device also provides extensive protection features including over-current, over-voltage and thermal shutdown at a die temperature greater than 145°C.

The ease of design, good efficiency and small footprint make this regulator ideal for powering circuits in space-limited applications. The EL7532 is available in a compact 10-pin MSOP package and requires as few as seven external passive components to provide a complete DC-DC buck regulator solution.

EL7532 Technical Features
* Max height 1.1 mm 10-pin MSOP
* 2A continuous output current (with integrated FETs)
* 1.5 MHz switching frequency
— External SYNC to 12 MHz
* 100 ms power-on-reset output (POR)
* Internally compensated voltage mode controller
* Up to 94 percent efficiency
* Less than 1 μA shut-down current
* Over-current and over-temperature protection

* 3.3 V and 5 V input POL applications
* ASIC/FPGA/DSP/uC Core voltage supplies
* Communication devices
* ADSL modems
* Set top boxes
* Portable instruments
* USB powered devices
* Li-Ion or NiMH battery powered devices

* Small form factor (SFP) modules

The EL7532 is available now in production quantities and priced at $2.30 for 1,000-unit volume orders. The datasheet, application brief and demo boards are available now.

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