Ultrasonic sensor system w/USB scope simplifies design

Senscomp has introduced an ultrasonic sensor system complete with an integrated USB oscilloscope function. Called the X1 Ranging Module Pro, the system is designed to speed the learning curve and development process of ultrasonic sensor applications by providing live sensor data conveniently on a PC.

The X1 Ranging Module Pro developers kit includes the X1 module, electrostatic ultrasonic transducer, transducer housing, power supply, USB cable, Sensor Scope Software, users manual and plastic carrying case. The X1 Pro module uses SMT technology and has the same footprint as the earlier 6500 Ranging Module.

It also features a pin connector and triggered or astable operation. Analog output is 0-5 VDC, with pushbutton MIN and MAX range setting of 6 in. to 20 ft when used with the 600 series electrostatic ultrasonic transducer.

The complete developers kit is $169.00. A video animation of the system in action can be viewed on the company's home page at

SensComp , 734-953-4783,

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