USB 2.0 multiplexer reduces connectors, improves cradle functionality

Milpitas, Calif. — Intersil introduced the ISL54200 USB 2.0 high/full speed multiplexer which provides a flexible, high performance design for interfacing USB and non-USB portable devices.

The ISL54200 has an ability to switch between data sources with different data speeds and signal levels, and to output them through a common connector. When used inside a portable device such as a cell phone, it alternately allows chips with high-speed (480 Mbits/s) USB circuitry and chips with lower speed UART or full speed (12 Mbits/s) USB to communicate through a single connector. This allows access to slower parts of the cell phone product over a common interface. In automotive applications where portable products are often placed in a cradle, a common cradle connector can serve multiple portable products with differing data signaling interface requirements while retaining a common USB cable connection to the automobile electronics. When used in a laptop docking station, it allows a single USB host connection to provide two data ports serving external devices having high speed or full speed USB signaling capability.

The 800 MHz of bandwidth and RON flatness delivers a wider eye opening for improved signal transmission. The 80 nano amps of quiescent supply current lowers the battery drain, while the 2.7 V to 5.5 V supply voltage range allows a wider range of rail-to-rail signaling protocols while eliminating the need for an additional LDO power source.

Suitable applications for the device include MP3 and personal media players, cell phones, PDAs, laptop and digital camera docking stations and cradle devices for cell phone and portable automotive or marine GPS devices.

Availability: Now
Pricing: Tape-and-reel quantities of 100-1,000 begins at $1.05 USD
Data Sheet: ISL54200 multiplexer

Intersil, 408-432-8888,

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