USB-UART bridge integrates MCU clock generator

Hillsboro, Ore.—Future Technology Devices International Ltd. (FTDI) has unveiled the FT232R, the next generation of its USB-UART bridge family.

The FT232R includes onboard EEPROM, as well as a master clock generator, 3.3-V LDO regulator, reset generator and USB termination resistors. Only two external decoupling capacitors are required for minimal configuration.

In addition to a full set of modem control signals, the device features five IO pins that can be configured in EEPROM to provide several functions. One such function is an output clock, which can be used to drive an external MCU or FPGA.

When each device is manufactured, it is assigned a unique number that cannot be changed using a method called FTDIChip-ID. Through an encryption scheme, the feature can be used by product designers to protect their application software from being copied. FT232R features a wide range of royalty-free FTDI-developed drivers for 32 and 64 bit operating systems, including Windows, CE, Linux and MAC-OS.

FT232R comes in both standard SSOP-28 and miniature QFN-32 5mm x 5mm package options and is priced at $1.80 in 10K quantities. A version of the device with a parallel FIFO interface (p/n FT245R) is also available.

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