UWB chipset supports Certified Wireless USB, Bluetooth and WiMedia

Austin, Tex.—Alereon Inc. has started to sample devices from its AL5000 family, the first ultrawideband (UWB) products able to meet all regulatory requirements worldwide for applications based on Certified Wireless USB, Bluetooth and WiMedia.

The initial products in the AL5000 family include the AL5300 dual role device media access controller/baseband processor (MAC/BBP) and the AL5100 RF transceiver, both based on and software compatible with the AL4000 Certified Wireless USB chipset, the only native device product certified by the USB-Implementers Forum (USB-IF).

According to Alereon, the AL5100 RF transceiver is the first and only UWB transceiver capable of transmitting and receiving all 14 bands of the WiMedia ultrawideband spectrum. The current WiMedia specification has already been accepted by ECMA and ISO as the worldwide standard for ultrawideband technology.

In addition, the AL5000 chipset was specifically designed to transmit and receive WiMedia band groups one, two, three, four, five and six which span frequencies from 3.1 to 10.6 GHz. Supporting band groups four, five and six (7.9 to 10.6 GHz) allows Alereon to provide consumers in Japan and Korea with 17 channels, which is comparable to channel allocation for consumers in the rest of the world.

Initial alpha samples of the AL5000 chipset are being delivered in June to development partners and Alereon plans to sample evaluation boards during third quarter of 2007.

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