Validas Set To Democratize Wireless Data With ‘VERA’

Wireless Analytics Platform Unlocks Big Data, Allows Enterprises to Visualize Cost-Savings

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HOUSTON, April 30, 2012

HOUSTON , April 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Validas, the world leader in global mobile intelligence, today introduced 'VERA,' an analytics platform that breaks down the barriers between wireless carriers and their customers by unlocking volumes of “big data” trapped in wireless users' bills and converting it into powerful, usable, business intelligence.



VERA's enterprise dashboard can be used across smartphones, tablets and computers, transforming enterprise customers' billing data into intelligence. By analyzing a company's mobile usage, VERA is able to offer strategic insights aimed at reducing mobile costs each month. VERA makes these recommendations based on more than 90 billion data points from its robust database of millions of wireless bills and mobile device inventories, including information on voice and data usage, compliance, pattern recognition, trending and more.

After analyzing this data, the VERA analytics platform recommends changes, allows carriers and enterprises to optimize rate plans, verifies contract compliance and even impacts the way phones are used. By providing carriers with a new level of visibility into their customers' wireless service, VERA enables a more proactive approach to customer service that strengthens the client relationship and reduces churn.

“Since 2007, Validas has been providing cost-saving recommendations to enterprise and wireless customers. VERA takes this approach to the next level,” said Validas co-founder and CEO Tom Pepe . “VERA's sleek user interface allows our customers to better visualize how their devices are being used, identify how they can save smarter, and pinpoint almost any conceivable trending pattern.”

President and Co-Founder Todd Dunphy adds, “VERA helps enterprises understand the narrative of mobile usage by giving them the ability to drill down to a single mobile line. VERA is also based in the cloud. There's no hardware or software to buy – she's SaaS-based, smart and secure.”

eBay Inc. saves millions annually by employing Validas' technology. “Initially, I thought that there must be a catch because it sounds too simple,” said Jacque Milstead , senior manager of IT Global Support Services for eBay. “But Validas came back to us with some preliminary numbers that made a lot of sense for us to move in this direction.”

Validas' VERA announcement follows several recent developments for the company. Validas recently announced that it has received a strategic investment from Huntsman Gay Global Capital, and the White House invited Validas to preview VERA at the 2012 Smart Disclosure Summit in Washington, D.C. Validaswill showcase VERA's robust analytics capabilities at the International CTIA Wireless 2012 Conference in New Orleans on May 8-10 .

About Validas

Mobility is everywhere and connectivity is a major—and growing—expense. Validas is the global leader in Mobile Intelligence. Our patented VERA platform transforms mobile billing data into actionable information in seconds, allowing every mobile user the ability to identify trends, compare patterns and change behavior. Open data. Better decisions. Smarter transparency. The Validas solution applies to all vertical ecosystems: enterprise, consumer and, uniquely, the carrier. VERA allows Mobile Operators to better serve clients, bringing new operating principles, thought leadership and advanced technology to the carrier- client relationship. Validas is privileged to currently serve one-third of the Fortune 500. For more information, visit

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