Variable-gain amp touts highest gain and bandwidth

Norwood, Mass.&#8212Analog Devices says its AD8336 DC-coupled variable-gain amplifer (VGA) delivers the industry's highest gain and bandwidth&#8212 100 MHz bandwidth over a gain range of 60 dB (-14 to +46 dB). It's touted as the only such amplifier that's rated for operation over -55 to +125&degC and a wide supply input (&plusmn3 to &plusmn12 volts).

“Designers of single-ended industrial and instrumentation systems who need variable-gain amps require good AC and DC performance over temperature and wide power supply ranges,” said Steve Sockolov, product line director for the Precision Linear Products Group. “However, most amps available on the market today are designed with RF applications in mind and operate on single supplies. The AD8336 is the first variable-gain amp capable of processing high frequency bipolar signals at high gain.”

The amp, for instrumentation applications such as industrial process control, automatic gain control, industrial video systems, transducer and display drivers, and radar receivers, has more than twice the bandwidth of competing amps that operate at much lower supply voltage, according to the company. Competing solutions, they note, are typically module based or require two or more cascaded variable-gain amps to provide similar gain range.

The AD8336 includes a voltage feedback op-amp at its
input that allows the gain to be externally adjusted. The nominal preamp gain is 12 dB; a gain of 26 dB can be obtained at a reduced bandwidth. The AD8336 operates at its stated gain range with the preamp gain set to 26 dB. Its low input-referenced noise of 3.2 nV/Hz1/2 boosts small-signal performance. A power-adjust pin allows power to be traded for speed in applications that require a high supply voltage.

The AD8336 is suitable for use with ADCs such as the AD7656, AD7634, AD7951, and AD9460. Having a differential gain control input, the amp is compatible with unipolar and bipolar DACs. Compatible DACs include the 8-bit AD5300 and AD5330 and the 10-bit AD5331 and AD5338.

Click here to access the product datasheet. The AD8336, in a 4-by-4 mm, 16-lead LFCSP package, will be available in volume production in October, priced at $4.59 each in 1k quantities.

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