VCSO housed in 5×7 SMD package

Fort Myers, Fla.—Crystek Corp. has released Model CVS575S-500, a 500MHz voltage-controlled SAW oscillator, or VCSO.

SAW crystal technology provides low-noise and low-jitter performance with true sinewave output.

The lead-free, RoHS-compliant CVS575S-500 is offered in a 5×7.5×2.5mm SMD package. Phase noise is -135 dBc/Hz @10KHz offset. The oscillator has no sub-harmonic, and the second harmonic is typically -14dBc. The CVS575S-500 operates from -20 to +70°C from a +3.3V power supply.

Applications for the CVS575S-500 VCSO include frequency translation, test and measurement, avionics, point-to-point radios, and multi-point radios.

Pricing: Starts at $45 each.
Availability: Volume quantities.
Datasheet: Click here.

Crystek Corp.,

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