Video amps deliver sharper images in HD multimedia apps

Norwood, Mass. — Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has introduced three high-performance video amplifiers that bring higher levels of picture quality and power efficiency to high-definition (HD) television and video equipment.

Additions to ADI's Advantiv advanced television solutions portfolio include the ADA4420-6 video filter and the compact ADA4855-3 and ADA4856-3 triple, rail-to-rail output video amplifiers. These devices target consumer and industrial applications for HD content in multimedia products ranging from 1080p HDTVs and HD home theater systems to professional and industrial video applications.

The ADA4855-3 and ADA4856-3 triple, rail-to-rail output video amplifiers reportedly deliver the best combination of speed and performance in their class, making them suitable for consumer and professional video devices that require the highest bandwidth and the widest output voltage range for high analog video performance. Offering unit costs that are comparable with more complex, lower bandwidth rail-to-rail output video amplifiers, these devices are well-suited for high-resolution video applications that require lossless 1080i, sharper 1080p analog output video and a wide output swing. The video amplifiers also can be used as analog video buffers in all video output devices such as PCs, monitors, projectors and DVD players, eliminating the need for discrete components.

The ADA4855-3 and ADA4856-3 deliver advanced video performance, driving a 150-ohm load with a 0.01 percent differential gain error, 0.01 degree differential phase error and 0.1-dB flatness out to 63 MHz and 85 MHz, respectively. Using a single 5-V power supply, these devices consume only 7.7 mA per amplifier, while delivering up to 40 mA of load current, and on-chip power-down features reduce the supply current to 1 mA. When combined with high dynamic range, the low supply current makes these products suitable for any application that needs a power efficient, high-performance rail-to-rail operational amplifier. These devices are designed to work over the extended temperature range of -40°C to +105°C.

By integrating a number of buffers, discrete components and six independent filter channels — three for SD (Y/C, CVBS) and three for HD component (YPbPr or RGB) signals — the ADA4420-6 offers HDTV and HD component video subsystem designers a single-chip solution that supports HD, SD (standard definition), S-Video, and composite video signals. With resolution up to 1080i, the new video filter is well-suited for HD consumer applications or for use as a reconstruction filter at the digital-to-analog outputs of video encoders.

The ADA4420-6 drives two parallel 75 ohm loads while providing 1-dB flatness out to 30 MHz typical, and HD rejection of -35 dB at 75 MHz. In addition, the new video filter has only 10 nanoseconds maximum group delay and provides 0.19 percent differential gain and 0.76 degrees differential phase. The ADA4420-6 operates on a single 5-V power supply and offers a power-saving disable feature that reduces the supply current to less than 8 microamps when the device is not in use. The ADA4420-6 operates in the extended industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Pricing: The ADA4420-6 video filter, housed in a 16-pin QSOP, is priced at $0.69 each. The ADA4855-3 and ADA4856-3 video amplifiers, packaged in 16-lead LFCSPs, are priced at $1.39, all in quantities of 1,000.
Availability: The ADA4420-6 video filter is available in full production quantities. The ADA4855-3 and ADA4856-3 video amplifiers are sampling now with full production quantities available in October 2008.
Product information: ADA4420-6 video filter, ADA4855-3 and ADA4856-3, video amps and Advantiv products

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