Video analytics system detects pedestrians

BERKELEY, CA — Eutecus, Inc, announced that it provided the video analytics technology in a tailored / customized front-end sensor solution for the Raytheon Highway Transportation Management Systems (HTMS) Pedestrian Detection Subsystem (PDS) as part of the Cooperative Pedestrian Warning System (CPWS) proof-of-concept demonstration at the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) 15th Annual World Congress held recently at the Jacob Javits Arena in New York City.

“Eutecus, Inc. is proud to be a member of the CPWS project,” said Stephen Hester, President and CEO of Eutecus. “Providing this capability to Raytheon, the Lead Systems Integrator for the project, especially for an application this demanding and important, is very gratifying. This application illustrates the power and flexibility of our Multicore Video Analytics EngineTM (MVETM) platform”.

MVE is capable of handling HD resolution at video frame rates, consuming less than one watt, while executing multiple event-detection and classification algorithms fully in parallel. The engine with embedded analytics allows use of a complete set of capabilities ” people counting, detection of abandoned / stolen objects, loitering, forbidden zone alters, and movement in wrong direction ” all at once.

The solution combines an inherently parallel multi-core processing architecture and embedded complex video analytics algorithms in a single configurable building block, reducing hardware design and programming effort resulting lower development cost and quicker time to market.

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