Video decoder/de-interlacer solution for LCD displays

Royal Philips Electronics introduced its SAA7154 single chip system solution ” a video decoder, scaler and de-interlacer with picture improvements and memory less Edge Dependant De-Interlacing (EDDI) and LCD controller for use in Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TV's, LCD monitors, and PC peripherals such as TV boxes. The highly integrated single chip solution provides manufacturers with flexibility and functionality for the creation of TV and infotainment products that offer quality LCD picture. With the launch of the SAA7154, Philips continues its commitment to the connected consumer wanting and needing cost-efficient LCD products. Philips also provides a fully flexible reference design kit featuring the SAA7154 multi-standard video decoder, primarily aimed at cost-effective LCD, portable and automotive applications.

As 2003 comes to a close, global consumer demand for high quality TV and infotainment solutions continues to grow rapidly, notably within the LCD TV sector. According to DisplaySearch, the worldwide leader in flat panel display research and consulting, LCD television panel shipments are forecasted to rise to 36 million units by 2008, resulting in a 19% share of the global TV market. The SAA7154 and reference design kit will offer manufacturers a cost-effective and flexible solution to help them provide quality picture for the growing number of LCD displays.
While supporting all global TV standards, the SAA7154 provides best in class10-bit A/D conversion together with enhanced and adaptive 2D 2/4 line comb filter video decoding capabilities, integrated and more sophisticated scaling algorithms, as well as more versatile Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) data processing features such as closed captioning and V-chip processing. Additional key facets include support of High Definition (HD) component video aptitudes, greater robustness with VCR signals and optional direct control of LCD panels. The SAA7154 also offers high-end picture improvement techniques such as fleshtone correction and color transient improvement for optimum picture quality.

The SAA7154 is now being sampled with key customers. Mass production is expected to begin in Q1 2004.

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