Video Decoder LSI Chip – 3DYC separation & 3D noise reduction

NEC Electronics introduced the µPD64012 video decoder LSI chip, the industry's first system LSI to integrate five main video processing functions onto a single chip. In the highly competitive consumer electronics market, size, cost, and time to market are key factors in a product's success.

By integrating the main functions, including three-dimensional (3D) noise reduction and 3D-luminance/chrominance (Y/C) separation, onto a single chip in miniaturized form, the µPD64012 chip enables design engineers to reduce design footprint by approximately 50%, system component costs by approximately 30% and the LSI integration time required, thereby speeding time to market and lowering system costs.

Video decoders enable the use of analog TV broadcasting in digital home devices such as liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions (TVs), plasma TVs, DVD recorders, set-top boxes (STBs) and video-capture cards for PCs. Until now, designers had to use a combination of LSIs to achieve the required functions, resulting in a number of challenges, including large board size, a large number of components and a lengthy LSI connection process.

NEC Electronics Europe GmbH , 40472 D&#252sseldorf, Germany.

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