Video decoders offer eight-channels for digital video security applications

Newport Beach, Calif. — Conexant Systems released the first in a series of products developed for the digital video security and surveillance marketplace. The integrated CX25850/1/3 multi-port video decoders can be used in PC-based or standalone digital video recording (DVR) applications, and support functions ranging from basic record-only to advanced real-time video capture. The offering includes a video decoder targeted at higher-capacity DVR surveillance products, which capture and record multiple video streams simultaneously.

Each decoder uses an adaptive 4H luminance and chrominance comb filter to separate video into its basic components, which results in sharper, more accurate images. The devices also enable “fast-locking” to minimize field loss when switching between multiple video sources, which is important for non-real-time video surveillance applications. In addition, each device includes two high-quality video encoders, which enable end-users to display up to two concurrent decoded video streams or up to two decoded images from any video source.

The CX25850 and CX25851 each contain four high-quality 10-bit video decoders which convert analog composite video to digital 4:2:2 video in the form of CCIR 656. The CX25853 contains eight of the same high-quality 10-bit video decoders, which support 16 direct camera connections. The decoders include the capability to lock-on to low-level video signals, enabling users to expand their surveillance footprint without sacrificing video quality. Other product attributes include horizontal and vertical scaling, as well as hue, brightness, saturation and contrast controls.

The multi-port decoders contain an innovative monitor output feature which allows users to sample and multiplex between any of the decoder outputs. They can also be cascaded together so a single monitor output from one of these devices can be used to view all the cameras in the system. All of the decoders are compliant with National Television Standards Committee (NTSC) and phase alternating line (PAL) industry standards.

Availability: Samples available
Pricing: Begins at $7.00 each in volume quantities

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