Video filter ICs turn on with the signal

Sunnyvale, Calif.&#8212Maxim says its MAX9508/MAX9512 are the world's first (analog) standard-definition video filter-amps equipped with intelligent power management electronics, specifically the company's SmartSleep technology. SmartSleep turns on the filter IC when it detects the video input signal and the presence of the output loads.

The SmartSleep function places the individual video channels in one of three power-consumption modes: Standby, active-detect, or full operation. When there is no active video input signal (no detection of sync), the device's power management circuitry places the chip in the standby mode (supply current is 7 microamps). When the chip's active video detection circuitry sees a sync signal, it places each channel into an active-detect mode and checks for the presence of a corresponding output load; the device consumes just 17 microamps.

When the detection circuitry senses a signal on a video channel and a corresponding output load, it places the chip into full operation (i.e., selectively activates the channels). The device consumes 3.3 mA per channel, plus the output load current.

The MAX9508, which works off a 2.7- to 3.6-volt supply, provides bidirectional video support for portable DVD players, set-top boxes, (STB) and portable media players (PMP). The MAX9508 contains three reconstruction filters (6.75 MHz passband), four video amplifiers, and a pull-down switch at one of the two CVBS outputs. The switch can be used as a 2:1 mux to select between two input sources. That same switch can also control the bidirectional video signals at the CVBS video connections without needing separate switches or relays. This latter feature is particularly useful for portable DVD players, which often use the same connector to drive a composite video output and to accept an external video signal to display on the portable DVD player's LCD panel. The two CVBS outputs can be DC-coupled and drive up to two video loads to ground, or AC-coupled to one video load.

The MAX9512, which adds a Y/C mixer, is optimized for portable media players. The Y/C-to-CVBS mixer creates composite video from luma and chroma. Like the MAX9508, the MAX9512's outputs can be DC-coupled to up to two video loads to ground, or AC-coupled to one video load.

Click here to access the MAX9508's datasheet, and here for the MAX9512's. The MAX9508 and MAX9512, in a 3-by-3 TQFN package, are each priced at 59 cents (1000-up, FOB USA). Samples and EV kits are available now.
The MAX9508/MAX9512 are rated for operation over -40 to +125&degC.

Maxim Integrated Products , 1-800-998-8800,

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