Video front end touts high bandwidth, low jitter and ideal black levels

Milpitas, Calif.&#8212Leveraging the power of its digital phase lock loop for high bandwidth, low jitter performance, Intersil's ISL98001 triple-channel analog front end (AFE) for TVs, monitors, home theater and business projectors incorporates all of the functions required to optimally digitize YPbPr video signals and RGB graphics signals from DVD players and VCRs. The three-channel, 8-bit device is available in five different speed grades (140 to 275 Mpixels/s) to support HDTV resolution and computer monitor resolutions up to QXGA. It includes automatic black level compensation (ABLC) circuitry that's said to meet the performance requirements for even the lowest-cost home theater systems, and eliminates the need to calibrate the luminance and color offsets during the manufacturing phase.

“The ISL98001 provides the industry’s highest speeds along with continuously controlled offset voltages, so designers do not have to calibrate offset error out of their system on an AFE-by-AFE basis,” said Kathryn Tucker, marketing manager for the video products group. “The digital phase locked loop even includes headswitching support, enabling high-performance images even under the worst-case scenario of digitizing inputs from a high-definition digital VCR playing back a standard VHS tape.”

Key to the chip's performance is its digital phase locked loop, unique in an AFE of this type, which minimizes jitter to what Intersil says is an industry-best 450 ps (250 ps typical) peak-to-peak to meet the needs of UXGA and higher PC resolutions. That's a claimed improvement by a factor of two. A “peaking” function compensates for input degradation in instances of low-channel bandwidth, and integrated HSYNC and sync-on-green (SOG) signal processing eliminates the need for external sync slicers, sync separators, Schmitt triggers, and noise filters.

Click here to access the product datasheets. The ISL98001, in a 128-lead MQFP package, is priced starting at $10.06 each in 1k quantitites.

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