Video IC delivers high resolution video

Milpitas, Calif. — The ISL51002 10-bit video digitizer from Intersil Corp. combines ease-of-use and high-resolution video performance to offer a solution for digitizing analog YPbPr video from HDTV tuners, set-top boxes, SD and HD DVDs, as well as RGB graphics signals from personal computers and workstations.

The ISL51002 offers three speed grades up to 165 MSPS to deliver resolution up to 1080p/UXGA at 60 Hz. Its built-in black level compensation prevents variations in color or hue, even variations caused by temperature change. In addition, its “unparalleled” differential non-linearity (DNL)( typical +0.86 LSB at 165 MHz) eliminates visible contour errors when digitizing gradually changing images, said Intersil.

The ISL51002's digital PLL delivers high noise immunity and 250 ns (typical) and 500 ns (max) low jitter performance that eliminates the need for an analog loop filter. This PLL needs only one parameter to be programmed for optimal video performance. The device also has an integrated sync measurement circuit that eliminates the development time of implementing this function in software. This circuit analyzes the incoming sync signals for type, polarity, period and pulse width. This data, which is necessary for correct display, is read from internal registers through an I2C interface.

The ISL52002 also offers an integrated automatic sampling phase adjust that evaluates 64 different sampling phases each second and selects the best phase to deliver the sharpest picture possible, said the company. The video IC is also said to have a robust Macrovision-compliant sync separator that prevents visual disturbances when Macrovision-protected signals are displayed or head-switching noise from analog VCRs is encountered.

The ISL51002 device also touts a 4:1 MUX input and an integrated RGB to YUV color space converter that allows the user to process an RGB signal in the YUV space. Target applications include flat panel TVs, front/rear projection TVs, PC LCD monitors and projectors, high-quality scan converters and video/graphics processing.

Pricing: Available now in a 128-lead MQFP package, the starting price for the ISL51002 is $8.24 each in quantities of 1,000.
Product information: ISL51002 and video ICs

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