Video Interface IC – with NTSC/PAL automatic switching

Sharp has developed the industry's first video interface IC for small and medium sized TFT-LCDs with a built-in NTSC/PAL automatic switching function. The video interface ICs are the industrial standard for use in small and medium sized analog input TFT-LCDs.

With this product, Sharp has integrated the industry's first built-in NTSC/PAL automatic switching function, and furthermore, has developed a new video interface IC with improved specifications, that include both RGB input frequency characteristics and power saving. The development means that regional design modifications are not required for configuration in applications such as car navigation systems, and this contributes to both standardization of design, and to a reduction in development cost.

The IC (Model RB5P0090M) achieves high resolution images through the use of wider bandwidth signal processing circuits and offers approximately 20% reduction in external parts.

Sharp Electronics Europe GmbH , 20097 Hamburg, Germany.

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