Video multiplexers deliver wide bandwidth, high slew rate

Dallas, Tex. — Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has released three high-speed video multiplexers that combine a wide bandwidth, high slew rate, fast switching time, and low switching glitch to optimize performance in professional video applications.

The OPA875, OPA3875 and OPA4872 devices are said to deliver industry-leading wide bandwidth and fast slew rate, which allows the multiplexing of large amounts of data such as high resolution professional video signals at higher speeds than previous generations, said TI. For example, the OPA875 single-channel and OPA3875 three-channel 2:1 multiplexers feature a small signal bandwidth of 700 MHz with a slew rate of 3100 V/us which supports a large signal bandwidth of 425 MHz at 4Vpp. The OPA4872 single-channel 4:1 multiplexer offers a slew rate of 2300 V/us for a bandwidth of 500 MHz at 2Vpp.

In addition to these high-speed capabilities the devices use a patented low glitch switching technique to enable fast and seamless multiplexing of high-speed signals, said TI. The OPA875 is available in a SO-8 or the smaller MSOP-8 package; the OPA3875 is available in a SSOP-16 package, and the OPA4872 is housed in a SO-14 package.

Pricing: Suggested resale pricing in quantities of 1,000 is $1.45 for the OPA875, $2.55 for the OPA3875 and $2.15 for the OPA4872.
Availability: Samples and evaluation modules (EVMs) are available.
Product information: OPA875, OPA3875, OPA4872 and Amplifier and Data Converter Selection Guide

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