Video Multiplexers Tout High Bandwidths and Fast Switching Times

Electronica Show (Munich, Germany) — November 9, 2004 — National Semiconductor Corp. launched the LMH6574, the industry's fastest single 4:1 video multiplexing (MUX) amplifier, and the LMH6572, the fastest dual-supply, triple 2:1 red, green, blue (RGB) MUX amplifier on the market.

By leveraging its VIP10 process technology, a high-speed, dielectrically isolated, complementary BiCMOS process that utilizes deep trench technology on a bonded wafer for complete dielectric isolation and optimal high-speed amplifier performance, National has achieved higher bandwidth and slew rates, faster switching times and lower crosstalk than any competitor, according to the company.

These features enable higher video resolutions with less video distortion for professional video, security systems, HDTV, NTSC and PAL video systems, analog video routers and switchers, and other video applications.

“With the introduction of the LMH6574 and LMH6572, National is able to reduce crosstalk and decrease shadowing effects in the end application, delivering the highest level video and picture quality for our customers,” said Erroll Dietz, vice president of National's amplifier product group.

National's LMH6574 is a single, high-speed, buffered 4:1 video MUX amplifier. It achieves 400 MHz-3dB bandwidth (2 Vpp) and 150 MHz 0.1 dB gain flatness to support switching of high video resolutions. It features 8-ns switching time for faster switching between input signals. It also provides 85 dB of channel-to-channel isolation for reduced interference from other channels. Benefits include a clearer picture and less shadowing effects and artifacts.

National's LMH6572 is a high-speed, buffered triple 2:1 RGB MUX amplifier. It achieves 300 MHz-3dB bandwidth (2 Vpp) and 60 MHz 0.1 dB gain flatness, which supports RGB switching of higher video resolutions than the competition, both for existing and future video line rates, including UXGA. The LMH6572 also features 10-ns switching time for faster switching between input signals. It also provides 90 dB channel-to-channel isolation.

National's LMH6574 and LMH6572 MUX amplifiers will be shown in National's booth #506 in Hall A4 at the Electronica trade show in Munich, Germany, from November 9-12.

National's LMH6574 is available now in SOIC-14 packaging and is priced at $2.49, and the LMH6572 is available now in SSOP-16 packaging and is priced at $3.50, both in 1,000-unit quantities.

Click here for the LMH6574 data sheet

Click here for the LMH6572 data sheet

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