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Virtual Extension wireless mesh networks to use TI technology

Virtual Extension has selected Texas Instruments' embedded processing
technology (including the MSP430 microcontroller and the CC series of
RF devices) and as the solution to power its VEmesh Wireless Mesh
Optimized for applications requiring
high performance, such as automated meter reading (AMR), Virtual
Extension's Diversity Path Mesh technology transmits
simultaneously a multitude of radio paths, creating a more robust

TI's utility metering portfolio includes devices targeted at
electricity, water and gas metering, as well as power line
communications (PLC) and radio frequency (RF) interfaces for advanced
meter infrastructure (AMI) that help customers design smart grid
solutions. Through it's many products, TI offers a
complete solution set for smart metering.

Pricing and availability
The VEmesh Wireless Mesh Networks have been deployed in the US, Europe,
Asia and Israel in a variety of applications including electricity,
water and gas smart metering, remote highway illumination and lighting,
agriculture and irrigation, factory automation, energy and environment,
vending machines, security and surveillance, and building automation.
The complete line of these solutions is now available in addition to an
evaluation kit priced at $2,500 USD. For more information on the VEmesh
Wireless Mesh Networks, please visit

Find out more about TI's metering solutions by visiting this link:

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