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ViXS Sets New Benchmark with Introduction of its Infrastructure Encoder / Transcoder SOC

Flagship Product XCodePro 100 Integrates Groundbreaking Compression Performance and Support for Next Generation Technologies

TORONTO , March 10 /PRNewswire/ – ViXS Systems Inc. announced today the introduction of XCodePro family of products aimed at Broadcast, Professional and Infrastructure markets. Building on the capabilities offered by the highly successful XCode3290 and XCode4125, currently in use by leading Broadcast & Professional OEMs, XCodePro 100 is the latest in the Broadcast and Professional Encoder / Transcoder Video Processing products from ViXS. XCodePro family integrates support for next generation technologies such as 1080p60, low latency, Scalable Video Coding (SVC), and 3D TV Multi View Coding (MVC). XCodePro 100 addresses a wide variety of applications including Cable / Satellite / IPTV Encoders; Switched Digital Systems; Multi-Screen (TV, PC, Mobile) Transcoders; Ingest Systems; On-Demand Video Delivery Systems; Video Conferencing; Surveillance and many others.

“With the announcement of the XCodePro 100, ViXS Systems has delivered to its promise of a groundbreaking Broadcast and Professional encoder / transcoder SOC that enables 1080p60, 3D TV and low latency solutions”, said Sally Daub President & CEO ViXS systems inc. “By setting a new benchmark in compression efficiency, the XCodePro 100 is expected to become the product of choice for our current and future customers,” continued Ms. Daub.

XCodePro 100 SOC enables customers to build the highest video quality encoder / transcoder system achieving unprecedented density and lowest power consumption per channel. Designed to produce the highest quality video yet minimize system cost, the XCodePro 100 fully supports advanced image video and picture processing including motion adaptive de-interlacing, de-blocking, edge directed scaling, edge sharpening, adaptive contrast, color management, alpha blending, color space conversion, and several modes of noise reduction, all at full HD 1080p60 resolution. XCodePro sets a new benchmark in compression efficiency compared to currently available products in the marketplace, enabling delivery of a higher number of channels per Satellite or Cable service. System designers and engineers will discover that the ViXS XCodePro family of products establishes a new standard for Multi-Screen Encoding and Transcoding in applications such as Internet TV, mobile TV and broadcast mobile TV services. Delivering pristine HD compression, XCodePro 100 also allows seamless conversion between various resolutions, formats supporting Variable Bit Rate (VBR), and Constant Bit Rate (CBR) delivery models in all formats.

To address the networking needs in next generation Broadcast/Professional applications, XCodePro 100 includes Dual Gigabit Ethernet connections and Host performance in excess of 3000+ DMIPS processing power. The unique distributed processing architecture in XCodePro 100 sets a new benchmark in application and communications performance combined with real sustained networked data throughput of 400 Mbit/sec in a single chip SoC.

XCodePro 100 integrates the following features:

    -  Multi-stream HD/SD Video Encoding and Transcoding
       -  Full Decode / Full Encode Transcode mode Implementation
       -  Smart XCode(TM) mode Implementation
    -  High Quality 1080p60 HD Encode at exceptionally low bit rates
    -  Sub-frame low-latency support
    -  Flexibility to support all HD and lower resolutions
    -  Dynamic Parameter Changes
    -  Support a wide range of bit rates at excellent video quality:
       0.5 Mbps - 100Mbps
    -  Flexibility in rate control implementation: CBR, VBR and capped VBR
       not to exceed set bit rate
    -  Application Processor: 3000+ DMIPS
    -  Multiple Integrated Peripherals:
       -  Dual 10/100/1000; M-CARD interface
       -  PCIe
       -  Dual USB2.0
    -  High Speed DDR3 Memory Interfaces.

Availability & Pricing

XCodePro 100 samples to customers in Q2 2010. Please contact ViXS Sales for pricing.

For any inquiries about ViXS please visit or email .

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