Vizit Announces New Release Enhancing SharePoint Search & Social Features

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NORTHAMPTON, Mass., Sept. 1, 2011

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. , Sept. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Vizit a provider of social collaboration and content visualization solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, announced general availability of Vizit 4.0. Vizit 4.0 introduces new visual search and social collaboration features for SharePoint 2010.

Vizit has added thumbnail previews to its Essential offering. With Vizit Essential it is now possible to place previews next to SharePoint lists and search results. Studies show that adding a visual cue next to search results significantly improves the probability users will select the right result.  Vizit efficiently renders live previews eliminating the need to preprocess and store additional data within SharePoint.

“Vizit previews draw the user's attention to where it matters most and guides them to the next logical step which is opening and navigating documents,” said Paul Yantus , Vizit CEO. “Vizit previews significantly improve the ability to search and find content in SharePoint. Previews also make the entire SharePoint experience more intuitive, which will positively influence casual user adoption.”

With Vizit 4.0 the company also introduced Social eXchange (SX). Vizit Social eXchange integrates social conversations with SharePoint content, workflow, records management, and security. With Social eXchange (SX) SharePoint users can highlight content and invite co-workers to engage in conversations. Vizit Social eXchange (SX) conversations take on the security and governance policies of the associated content. SharePoint workflows can also initiate Social eXchange (SX) conversations by sending out invitations to workgroups to share input on content placed in a SharePoint repository.

“The enterprise is looking to use social tools to facilitate a tightly integrated collaborative experience,” said Paul Yantus , CEO of Vizit. “Vizit Social eXchange (SX) addresses this corporate need by integrating social conversations directly with business content, workflow, and governance policies.”

Along with Vizit, 4.0 Vizit is releasing a fully documented Application Programming Interface (API) making it much easier to integrate Vizit into a SharePoint implementation.

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Vizit brings content visualization and social interaction to Microsoft SharePoint. Vizit makes SharePoint content easier to find by placing previews alongside SharePoint lists and search results. Vizit enhances SharePoint collaboration by providing a platform for secure and compliant conversations integrated with content and workflow. Vizit creates a true “Enterprise 2.0” experience within SharePoint by integrating Enterprise Content Management, Document Management, and Social capabilities. For more information, visit

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