VMMK-2×03: Low Noise Amplifiers in Wafer Scale Packaging

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This amplifier measures at 1.0×0.5×0.25mm. This product takes up 5% of the volume and uses only 10% of the board area of the standard SOT-343 package. In some cases, the ultra small amplifier can effectively reduce PCB area by more than 50%. The VMMK series use the E-pHEMT process which requires no negative voltage to operate and packaged using Avago's revolutionary wafercap CSP. The GaAsCap chip scale sub-miniature leadless package is small and ultra thin, yet can be handled and placed with standard 0402 pick and place assembly. There are no wirebonds, almost no signal loss and minimal parasitics. These VMMK products are easy to use since they require only positive DC voltages for bias, and no matching coefficients are required for impedance matching to 50Ω systems. Optimized for 500MHz to 12GHz frequencies.

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