Voice Echo Canceller Chips – deliver improved noise-matching

Zarlink Semiconductor has introduced two VEC (voice echo canceller) devices with advanced features that help ensure carrier-grade voice quality for packet-based and cellular networking equipment operating in high-noise environments.

The 256-channel ZL™38070 and 32-channel ZL38065 VECs are high-capacity, low-power devices that use patented NLP (non-linear processing) software to deliver improved noise-matching techniques. In addition, the devices' programmable threshold and convergence speeds improve double-talk performance.

The VECs are ideal for IP-PBXs (Internet Protocol-Private Branch Exchanges), 3G wireless base stations, mobile switching centres and other equipment operating in noisy settings.

The ZL38065 and ZL38070 VECs improve voice quality in equipment where the convergence of voice and data traffic on a packet network causes processing delays that emphasize echo. Zarlink's VEC chips use patented NLP software, the algorithm of which injects onto the line spectrally matched “comfort noise” that is adjusted to match caller background noise and eliminate noise gating when echoes are cancelled.

Zarlink Semiconductor , 91944 Les Ulis Cedex A, France.

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