Voice synthesis LSI adds short-voice playback functions to systems

Tokyo, Japan—Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd. is sampling the ML22310 voice-synthesis LSI series aimed at easily adding short-voice playback functions such as warning sounds and voice guidance to electronics devices.

OKI added a memory interface to the ML22310 series with event input that allows designers to easily add voice playback functions to existing designs. Event input method allows playback of pre-recorded voice data by using level shifting at the input terminal as the starting trigger. The pre-recorded voice data is stored internally, and can be combined in up to 63 playback patterns or phrases.

The series includes the ML22310 with internal mask ROM and ML22Q310 with internal flash memory. Interface specifications such as the number of input terminals, trigger input signal specifications, the interval time until playback, or the time-until-standby after playback, are all user programmable parameters.

A flexible interface allows customers to easily add voice functions without making significant revisions on the board or changes on the control software. The ML22310/ML22Q310 operates in stand-alone mode; as a result, they do not require an external MCU to program it or control it for voice playback.

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