Voltage comparators deliver high output

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Advanced Linear Devices Inc. added two quad voltage comparators to its precision monolithic high performance line that are said to provide a 0.24-amp output drive.

The input voltage range on the ALD4301 and ALD4303 comparators, which were built using advanced silicon gate CMOS technology, includes ground, or the negative supply rail, making these devices suited for low level signal detection with high source impedance.

Both the ALD4301 and the ALD4303 comparators feature typical input impedance of 10¹2; ohm; lnput bias current of 0.1 pA; micropower operation and single (+5 V) or dual (±5 V) power supply operation.

The ALD4301 comparator provides 87.5-uA supply current per comparator whereas the ALD4303 offers 22.5-uA supply current per comparator. Both voltage comparators tout open drain outputs that can exceed supply voltage. Each comparator output is capable of sinking up to 60 mA. ALD's ALD4301 and ALD4303 voltage comparators have response times of 300 ns and 5 us, respectively.

The comparators are intended for a wide range of voltage comparator applications, including PCMCIA instruments, photo detector sensors and battery-operated instruments, and are specifically designed for micropower detection circuits requiring low input currents, high output currents and low standby power.

The ALD4301 and ALD4303 voltage comparators are available now in 14-pin CERDIP, SOIC and plastic DIP packages. Pricing starts at $2.28 in 100-piece quantities.Click here for the ALD4301A/4301 data sheet.

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