Voltage reference draws just 180 microamps

Milpitas, Calif.&#8212Intersil says its ISL21009 family of voltage references, for industrial and medical instrumentation where the power budget is tight, draws a maximum of just 180 microamps&#8212the lowest of any low-noise voltage reference in the industry.

“This combination of precision and low power consumption provides a new benchmark for precision voltage references,” said Lisa Wong, marketing manager for the Precision Analog products group. “The ISL21009 provides new levels of power efficiency for precision instrumentation and data acquisition equipment.”

The ISL21009, available in 1.25- and 2.500-volt versions, features low noise (4 microvolts p-p over 0.1 to 10 Hz) and a temperature drift of as low as 3 ppm/°C (depending on version). In addition, the ISL21009 family features guaranteed initial accuracy as low as ±0.5 mV. It delivers up to 7.0 mA.

Click here for the device datasheet. The ISL21009, available in an 8-lead SOIC package and rated for operation over -40 to +125°C, is priced at $4.04 each for the 3 ppm/°C B version, $3.74 for the 5 ppm/°C C version, and $2.65 for the 10 ppm/°C D version.

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