Voltage Reference – is digitally adjustable

Xicor 's X60250 is a fully integrated digitally adjustable voltage reference that combines a temperature compensated band-gap voltage reference with a non-volatile digitally controlled potentiometer (DCP) to provide a precision adjustable reference with a range of 0.0V to 1.25V.

By integrating a precision 8-bit voltage reference with the ability to perform in-circuit adjustment, the X60250 offers several advantages over discrete solutions for manufacturing, calibration, tuning or trimming applications.

The device saves manufacturing costs and increases system reliability. Not only does the X60250 eliminate the need for a microcontroller and associated code for adjustment, it can also help systems to maintain high levels of performance by adjusting for aging, drift and temperature without any hardware changes.

The reference voltage is changed by addressing the 256-Tap DCP via a bi-directional 2-wire serial bus. The reference voltage setting is retained in the internal non-volatile memory when power is disconnected and the Power on Recall circuit restores the X60250 to the stored voltage upon power-up.

The serial bus also functions as the data transfer port for address read functions. An additional 100k ohm resistor, matched to the 100 kohm DCP, is included to increase resolution of the output voltage without sacrificing accuracy. The non-volatile programmability of the X60250 is a key component in low voltage systems requiring gain, bias and reference voltage calibrations such as data acquisition systems, linear voltage regulators, DC/DC converters and motor controllers.

Target applications include data acquisition systems requiring pre-configured reference voltage levels, signal-conditioning circuits to set zero offset and span correction for sensors, process control adjustments requiring parameter retention, and bias voltages for power amplifier gain. Xicor will be offering an evaluation kit and software support for this product. Production samples are available in 8-pin TSSOP.

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