Voltage Regulator System IC – for automotive applications

Atmel announced the voltage regulator system IC ATA6405 . The IC is based on a fully integrated system voltage supply concept and consumes extremely low power.

The device is manufactured using Atmel's 0.8-micron BCDMOS process technology, which supports operation of up to 40 Volts and is optimized for applications in harsh environments. Applications include all kinds of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) to supply the microcontrollers in 12/24 V board voltage systems, for example, climate control, air conditioning or dashboard modules. The voltage regulator system IC is especially suited for applications where linear regulators cause excessive power dissipation and where additional performance such as power management is requested.

Since the device is not a standard linear voltage regulator IC but a system device, it has many parts of the application such as reset logic, window watchdog, wake-up mechanism etc. already integrated. To minimize power consumption, a switching regulator generates a voltage for supplying the internal linear regulator with a 5V output voltage for microcontrollers. To monitor the microcontroller, provision has been made for a window watchdog feature incorporating a reset logic function.

The voltage system IC provides three modes: active, standby and off. One control input serves to facilitate the selection between active and standby mode. Another input permits the selection between standby and off mode. During off mode, a maximum quiescent current of less than 10&microA flows through the system, and the output voltage is switched off. In standby mode, the quiescent current is less than 30&microA while the output voltage of 5V is still available to operate the microcontroller in power-down mode.

Furthermore, the ATA6405 provides several protection features such as overtemperature shutdown, full protection against short circuits and over-/undervoltage detection.

Atmel Corp Europe , 78054 St Quentin-en-Yvelines, France.

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