Watch National Geographic TV tonight for ‘Apollo: Missions to the Moon’

I urge you to watch National Geographic TV tonight, Sunday, July 7th, which will have Apollo: Missions to the Moon premiering at 9/8c.

You will see an excellent treatment of the Apollo program including Frances ‘Poppy’ Northcutt: The first woman at NASA Mission Control

I will be writing a complete review of this excellent Apollo historical overview shortly on my EDN Anablog —Please watch my review here.

1 comment on “Watch National Geographic TV tonight for ‘Apollo: Missions to the Moon’

  1. Andy_I
    July 10, 2019

    PBS is flooding us with quite a lot of programming about NASA and the space missions for the entire month of July.  I watched some of it and it's excellent, including quite a lot of material and footage I had not seen elsewhere.

    Heck, even PBS's “Antiques Roadshow” had an episode featuring space-related items.  Some of them were fascinating (but I only saw part of it).

    CNN has been showing the movie “Apollo 11” that was in theaters a couple of months ago.  It includes some incredible footage that NASA had stored in vaults for nearly 50 years and had been forgotten.  But seeing it on a big-screen TV at home does not match the ground-thumping, heart-stopping thrill of seeing a Saturn V launch in a movie theater.

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