We Are Losing One of the Key Opportunities to Create Wealth from Technology

This is a story about the 10th and final year of the annual Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest. As much as these blogs are for opportunities in analog design, they are a venue for enabling you, my fellow engineers. Although this particular blog doesn’t focus on analog subjects, it does shed light on the use of technology that we all work so hard to create in order to make this world a better place. I often use technology in order to enhance my life. I wish to share these opportunities with you, the fine audience of Planet Analog. I am a firm believer that enabling you with ideas will make you a better engineer. It certainly has enabled me to become a better author and creator of both products as an engineer and videos as a marketer and business developer.

It is a fact that technology has enhanced my life in many ways. Creating an income is one of those ways. In life, there are very few opportunities to make a million bucks. One way to do so was to enter the annual Doritos Crash the Super Bowl commercial contest. I produced five entries for this contest over the years and thoroughly enjoyed it each and every time. I go into more details in another blog I put up on LinkedIn, Easy Wealth Comes to an End with the Final Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Commercial Contest. Unfortunately, this is the tenth and final year for the contest. I will truly miss the fun and competitiveness of this annual event.

For this writing, I want to explain how technology enabled me to pursue the illusive seven figure bonus. Notice I said pursue the bonus. I have yet to win. Although winning would be nice, the experience itself is a story worth sharing. Technology enabled me to perform all aspects of creating a 30 second commercial. Here are the bullets that comprise the creation of a video:

  • Used the internet to advertise for actors and actresses as well as to communicate with them
  • Created the script using software
  • Communicated using voice and text on my cell phone
  • Used digital recording devices to film the video
  • Performed the producing, editing, and assembly of the video using software
  • Downloaded and uploaded files using the internet

Not once did I enter a studio or shell out cash for this effort (except for hiring a videographer in 2013). Instead, I utilized all of the technology at hand in order to pursue the opportunity. The same enabling by technology is available when I write my books. All of the technology is basically free use (except some software) or low buck investments such as the computer, cell phone, and internet access. In addition, this technology is a basic part of everyday life for many. Technology has empowered us like never before. It is at your fingertips as much as it is at my fingertips. Consider yourself to be empowered.

My final entry into this contest is a 30 second video Don’t Mess With My Brother’s Doritos!. There was some manual labor involved with shoveling a ton of sand off my trailer in addition to the loading and unloading of the monster truck ride on and off my trailer. Other than that, I spent time behind the camera or the computer. All of this was due to the advances in technology that our current lifestyle enables. All of this ability was due to the hard work of engineers. My suggestion to you is to partake of the advantages that you have provided in your engineering efforts. And by the way, take time out to enjoy the other videos while coming up with a way to outdo them using technology. If I can do it, anybody can.

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