We’re starting a series on analog signal-chain basics

We're sometimes so engrossed in pushing the performance and design edge that we forget that topics which are second-nature to some of us are perhaps new and confusing to many of our fellow engineers. Or perhaps there are some misconceptions and misunderstandings we ourselves have, in some basic areas, and don't even know it. (For many years of my youth, I assumed a “pediatrician” was a foot doctor, which made perfect sense to me; it was a rude shock and near-embarrassment when I found out otherwise!)

Not to worry: this week, we started a regular series entitled Signal Chain Basics . Developed and written by Bill Klein of Texas Instruments, it will appear online twice a month at Planet Analog, and present basic topics in short, easy-to-digest form. To the extent possible, Bill will make the topics independent, so you won't have to read all the previous columns to brush up on the latest one (although it certainly wouldn't hurt). He'll cover op amps, in-amps, PGAs, current shunts and loops, ADCs, DACs, CMR, CMRR, LDOs, and much more.

Bill brings a down-to-earth reality to analog design, both literally and figuratively. His experience covers over 40 years including TI and Burr-Brown, in fields ranging from mineral exploration to medical nuclear imaging. In addition, he has authored numerous magazine articles, application notes and conference papers.

I think the series will help both the non-analog engineer who is drawn into analog-design related issues (whether voluntarily or not) as well as the more-experienced analog designer. Check it out: click here to read Bill's first column, and see his short video introduction here. Let us know what you think about it, and suggest topics you'd like to see covered, as well!

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