What is the Most Efficient Energy?

Pollution Prevention week occurred this year from September 18-24 and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to reduce and ultimately eliminate pollution sources in order to prevent Earth’s environment from further damage. Here are some of their suggestions: What you can do. So, what is the most efficient energy method? Well, just check out this infographic below created by the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree program:

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1 comment on “What is the Most Efficient Energy?

  1. Pesky Varmint
    September 27, 2017

    Excellent analysis in that it boils everything down to cost. Reminds me of the writeups on the website regarding hydrogen energy since so many lay people think you can get hydrogen from water. At he points out that electrolysis is equivalent to exchanging dollars for pesos, one for one. As far as my own off grid solar electric I continually have to point out to people that when I buy solar panels, I could care less about efficiency. Since I practically have unlimited real estate my only parameter is dollars per watt when I choose panels (city dwellers with limited space may have to concern themselves with  efficiency. And wind wins this analysis. Wish I had enough in the wind dead zone where  my house is at.

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