White LED charge pumps cut system size by 40%

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Maxim Integrated Products has introduced what it says are the smallest white-LED (WLED) drivers with two built-in LDOs for camera supply.

The MAX8645X and MAX8645Y charge pumps integrate WLED (backlight) drivers, camera-flash drivers and camera power supplies, reducing total required area by 40%, according to Maxim.

The MAX8645X and MAX8645Y are suitable for flip, folder, and slide-style cell phones and smartphones in which the LCD and camera module are located in the upper half of the phone, and space is at a premium.

To power the camera module, the MAX8645X and MAX8645Y integrate two programmable 200-mA LDOs that feature low-noise (40microVrms, typ) performance to ensure a clean, stable power source during image acquisition. This is a key feature for minimizing picture noise with the high-resolution cameras typically used in current and next-generation cell phones.

Two control pins allow for the selection of nine different output-voltage
combinations, which simplifies ordering and stocking requirements.

The use of a charge-pump regulator enables the thinnest of designs,
as no inductor is required. Additionally, use of a proprietary
adaptive 1x/1.5x/2x charge pump and very-low-dropout current
regulators enable exceptional 85% efficiency (PLED/PBATT over Li+
battery life).

The MAX8645X and MAX8645Y provide 1-MHz fixed-frequency
switching, which allows for tiny external components and further
reduces total solution size. The devices drive six WLEDs at up to
30mA/LED with 5-bit dimming resolution and 0.2% (typ) current
matching; they also drive two flash LEDs at up to 200mA/LED with
5-bit resolution.

The MAX8645X and MAX8645Y are available in 4mm x 4mm x 0.8mm TDFN packages, and are fully specified over the extended temperature
range (-40°C to +85°C).

Pricing: Start at $2.81 (1000-up, FOB USA).
Availability: An evaluation kit is available to speed designs.
Datasheet: click here.

Maxim Integrated Products, 1-408-737-7600,

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