Why drive your car to work when you can fly it?

I know that heavy traffic, car fender benders, bad weather on major highways going to and from work or stores can be frustrating. I’m from Bronx (born) and Brooklyn (raised) NY.

Well fret no more happy travelers—check out the TransitionR , a vehicle that combines driving when it’s a nice clear road and reverts to flying when you need it! (I’m hoping that they put some Sidewinder missiles under the wings so I can fire one off at angry, disrespectful drivers on the roads) Check out the video below:

Click here for a YouTube video

So grip your steering wheel and hit the road and when you’re ready hold on to the stick and put your feet on the ridder controls and take off away from the drudgery of the road and fly among the birds. Terrafugia will set you free. (By the way, Terrafugia comes from the Latin meaning “Escape the Earth”)

Image courtesy of Terrafugia

Image courtesy of Terrafugia

The car is a legal street car but converts to a two-place fixed wing airplane that will fit into your garage when the wings are stowed.

Do you think this is neat? Well get ready for the real action—the TF-XTM which is in development with a target date of 8 to 12 years from now (You can practice with the Transition until then and you will be an expert pilot able to handle a “dogfight” if necessary)

Click here for a YouTube video

What I love about the TF-XTM is that it will have an electric ground drive as well as an electric power assist upon takeoff. You will be able to charge it like today’s electric vehicles, plus the engine will also be charging it while it runs like HEVs. By the time this vehicle is ready, it should have autonomous capability as well with manual take over available at any time. (That’s what I like)

And guess what? They are based in Woburn, MA!

Do you want one?

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