Wi-Fi RF front-end chip slashes size, cuts cost

Ottawa, Ontario—Promising to cut system-level integration cost by about 15%, and slash board area requirements by about 60%, RF semiconductor maker SiGe Semiconductor, Inc . announces its SE2559L RF front-end module.

Slated for Wi-Fi systems compliant with the IEEE-802.11b/g spec, the SE2559L front-end is based on an integrated architecture that's smaller than competitive products. The SE2559L also eliminates several external components, letting you reduce your design's BOM (bill of materials).

The SE2559L also eliminates external requirements for impedance matching and reference voltages, also helping to trim your BOM, as well as simplifying design, test, and manufacture. The SE2559L should find a home in circuits in access points, laptops, PC cards, and embedded Wi-Fi applications.

Leadless Packaging

The SE2559L is the latest addition to the company's RangeCharger product line. The device features all the functions required between the output of a transceiver and its antenna, in a 4 x 5-mm QFN (quad flat, no lead) package. This is about 85% smaller than discrete approaches.

The SE2559L front-end module integrates a PA (power amplifier), negative-slope power detector, T/R (transmit/receive) switch, diversity switch, and associated matching circuitry. All ports are matched to 50-ohms, simplifying board layout and interfacing to a transceiver IC.

SiGe is also offering its SE2558L , which is identical to the SE2559L, but with a positive slope power detector.

20-dB Dynamic Range

An integrated power detector provides 20-dB of dynamic range. A digital Enable control is included for transmitter power-ramp on/off. The SE2559L can deliver +18-dBm (64-mW) power output, with an EVM (error vector magnitude) spec of 3-percent, operating in 802.11g mode.

All ACPR (adjacent channel power ratio) requirements are met operating at +21-dBm (125-mW) output power in 802.11b mode.

In 802.11g mode, the SE2559L draws 142-mA, operating from a single 3.3-V supply. SiGe semiconductor claims this is about 25% less than competing products.

Price And Availability

SiGe Semiconductor says its SE2559L is in production now, priced at about 90-cents a pop (in quantities of 100,000). However, no datasheets are posted on the company's Web site.

For more info contact SiGe Semiconductor, Inc., 1050 Morrison Dr., Suite 100, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2H 8K7. Phone: 613-820-9244. Fax: 613-820-4933. E-mail:

SiGe Semiconductor , 613-820-9244,

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