Winbond unveils digital ChipCorder

San Jose, Calif. — Winbond Electronics Corporation America (Winbond America) has extended its ChipCorder family with the introduction of the ISD15000, a single-chip, multi-message, digital voice record/playback chip for multi-language voice applications.
The ISD15000 provides audio-grade record/playback, digital compression, integrated analog/digital audio signal paths and built-in memory management. The chip also delivers an I2S digital audio interface, faster digital recording, and a higher sampling frequency.

Using the ISD15000 voice and audio record/playback chip, designers are able to create a single platform for their applications. Customization, personalization and multi-language support can be achieved by swapping sound files “on the fly,” with minimal time spent changing the underlying codes and programming, Winbond said.

The ISD15000 is said to deliver significant enhancements to the ChipCorder family that can be used to add voice prompts, alerts and interactive memos in automotive, industrial and telecommunications applications. Key features include user-selectable durations from 2 to 32 minutes based on 8 kHz/4 bit ADPCM and digital audio data with a sample rate up to 48 kHz via an I2S or SPI interface. The chip also features built-in message management and fast digital recording with a data rate up to 1 Mbits/s.

In addition, the ISD15000 performs address-free recording; stores pre-recorded audio using high quality digital compression, and uses simple index-based commands for playback. It executes pre-programmed macro scripts (Voice Macros) for device configuration, message sequence playbacks and recordings. Digital compression algorithms are available for recording and playback.

Pricing: The ISD15000 is available in a 48-pin LQFP lead-free package, starting at $3 in volume quantities.
Availability: Samples are available now. Evaluation systems with hardware board and software utility also are available.
Product information: ISD15000

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