Window comparators simplify ATE applications

Milpitas, Calif.&#8212Citing significant cost savings and real-estate benefits, Intersil's ISL55141/2/3 family of low-offset (50 mV), 65-MHz window comparators, as an alternative to bus relays, simplifies large-signal automatic test equipment applications.

“Users can leave the ISL55141/2/3 comparators connected to the bus while they are not being used, even when the bus is generating wide signal-voltage levels from other test cards,” said Chris Ludeman, marketing manager for the Switch, Multiplexer and ATE product group. “This allows for reduced tester set-up time, faster throughput, and lower unit test costs for customers who buy these testers.” Large-signal testing of devices such as flash memory wafers typically require discrete isolation relays to disconnect test cards from the test bus when they are not in use.

The ISL55141 is a single window comparator which handles input voltages up to 18 V; the ISL55142 is a dual device and the ISL55143 is a quad device. Two reference voltages are used to establish high and low specification points. In operation, the comparator is connected to a test bus and compares input signals from the device under test to the pre-defined reference voltages. The comparator generates a logic-level output when the reference thresholds have been crossed; the output logic level is user-selectable.

The ISL55141/2/3 family is available in QFN and TSSOP packages. The ISL55141 is priced at $1.52, the ISL55142 is priced at $2.02, and the ISL55143 is priced at $3.91. All prices are in 1,000-unit quantities. Click here, here and here for more information on the devices.

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