Wire-free power technology recharges portables, ready to launch

Safe, wire-free electricity is no longer science fiction as WildCharge, Inc. ( has unveiled a safe, wire-free electric power technology that eliminates user need to constantly plug in mobile electronic devices for electric power.

The Scottsdale, Arizona-based WildCharge has developed and is now commercializing its technology that empowers mobile users with a convenient, efficient and productive way to charge and power mobile electronic devices.

The company recently demonstrated the first application of its wire-free electric power technology, the WildCharger. The WildCharger is a thin and flexible charging pad which when used with its power delivery counterpart–a small WildCharger adapter internally or externally attached to any mobile device– enables the mobile product to receive power once placed upon the WildCharger.

“This is a revolutionary lifestyle change with extraordinary implications for consumers,” WildCharge President Izhar Matzkevich, PhD, said. “Charging and powering a device is now as simple as placing it on a table.” Matzkevich notes that “multiple devices with varying power needs can be placed anywhere and at any orientation on the WildCharger, all receiving full, uninterrupted power as if plugged directly to the wall.”

Mitch Randall, the company's founder and Chief Technology Officer, adds that “the WildCharge solution eliminates the need for consumers to regularly lug around multiple bulky chargers, adapters, and cords for every battery-powered mobile device they carry, or to struggle with ever-congested outlets and power strips.”

Wildcharger battery charger

The WildCharger is a flat, thin charging pad that is capable of delivering up to 90 Watts of power ” ample power to simultaneously charge and power most laptop computers and an assortment of small devices placed anywhere on its surface. Similarly, the WildCharger Mini delivers up to 15 Watts of power, capable of simultaneously powering and charging three or four small devices such as cellular phones, portable music players, digital cameras and other products. The WildCharger and WildCharger Mini will be available to consumers during the first half of 2007 and are expected to be offered at retail prices of about $100 and $40 a unit, respectively. Plans are underway to release a higher power unit in the near future.

The technology's universal applicability has sparked great interest from electronic, automobile, furniture and other manufacturing industries. Many companies in these industries are currently preparing to embed WildChargers in their products to be offered to consumers worldwide.

With headquarters in Scottsdale AZ, WildCharge, Inc. is a privately held corporation poised to revolutionize power delivery to mobile electronic devices worldwide by commercializing its safe wire-free electric power technology. WildCharge technology can wirelessly power multiple devices with varying power needs at once.

The company recently completed a round of funding and its technology is currently under evaluation with leading consumer electronic manufacturers. The company anticipates first shipment of its revolutionary, multiple patents-pending products during Q1, 2007.

WildCharge, Inc., 7950 E. Acoma Drive, Suite #203, Scottsdale AZ 85260. Tel: 480-206-3788

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