Wireless ADM voice codec offers low power consumption

Winston-Salem, N.C.—CML Microcircuits has developed an adaptive delta modulation (ADM) voice codec, a complete multi-mode product in a tiny SOIC package.

The CMX649 is suitable for wireless digital voice/audio communications in both consumer and industrial applications, such as cordless telephones, cordless headsets, PC speech-to-text applications, digital voice storage, telematic voice recognition, elevator systems and much more.

Features of the CMX649 are the advanced error tolerant voice coding and low power consumption (drawing an operational 1.9mA at 2.7V), with advanced power-saving options to further battery life conservation in miniature cordless applications, such as 'in-ear' hands-free headsets.

The CMX649 offers full-duplex ADM, Continuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation (CVSD) and PCM operating modes. Operating modes and algorithms are user-configurable.

Integrated on-chip functions eliminate the need for external circuits, including DSP, audio-gain, sidetone, mic-gain, audio filtering and PLL data clock recovery. With its C-BUS serial interface, the CMX649 reduces the cost, size and design effort required to interface analog 'voice' signals to digital wireless transceivers.

Additional CMX649 features include a programmable voice activity detector (VAD) with adjustable threshold level and attack/decay times, a transcoder to convert between different voice coding schemes and a selectable digital scrambler for coded signal privacy and efficiency in modulation.

The CMX649 is available in compact 20-pin plastic SOIC and TSSOP packages, and an evaluation kit is available (DE6491 Wireless Voice Link Demonstration Kit).

Pricing: Less than $3 for high volume quantities.
Availability: Now.
Datasheet: Click here


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