Wireless audio design delivers 40 hours on one AA battery

HiWave Technologies has announced the Monad A1 wireless audio reference design/demonstration platform, which is based on a higher power mono version of the company's high-efficiency Audium amplifier chip capable of delivering 13W burst power into 8 Ω. At typical listening levels a single 1.2V AA (NiMH) battery can power the amplifier and its wireless receiver for over 40 hours, and deliver loud volume levels when required.

The Monad A1 is designed to allow easy connection of wireless technologies including Bluetooth, 802.11 Wi-Fi or proprietary formats. It is optimized for use with the company's BMR speaker drivers, but can also drive traditional speakers.

The demonstration kit comprises a pair of Monad A1 boards, each with a Kleer wireless daughter board, a pair of speakers featuring the company's HIBM36S12 BMR drivers, and a transmitter module that plugs into the 30-pin connector on an iPad, iPod or iPhone. A USB transmitter is also available.

The demonstration kit is available now and costs 990 USD.

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