Wireless HD IPTV set-top box debuts

Seoul, Korea; Geneva, Switzerland; and Yakum, Israel—Three major electronics companies—Samsung Electronics, STMicroelectronics and Metalink—have teamed up to launch a set-top box that supports high-definition (HD) TV quality based on 802.11n wireless IPTV standard.

The product will be showcased at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany, March 15-21, 2007.

Samsung's SMT-H6155 is designed to deliver HD IPTV over wireless LAN. It is equipped with an STi7109 chipset, providing the HD video decoding technology from STMicroelectronics, and Metalink's 802.11n WLANPlus chipset, enabling the wireless delivery of multiple HD video streams throughout the home.

Samsung's SMT-H6155 is a hybrid set-top box that combines IP and DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial) reception capabilities. It supports the delivery of HD contents over the IP network, and enables various interactive functions like VoD and IP multi-casting. The SMT-H6155 combines MPEG-4 AVC/H264/C1 capabilities on a single chipset produced using STMicroelectronics' SoC platform, and supports Wireless Digital Video home Networking using 802.11n.

STMicroelectronics' STi7109 is a single-chip MPEG-4 AVC and VC-1 decoder that embeds all the major functions of a set-top box in a single device, including a high-performance CPU, video-decoding circuitry, a wide range of peripheral devices, advanced connectivity features and support for emerging security standards.

For the STi7109 Product page/datasheet, click here.

Metalink's WLANPlus family consists of the company's MtW8170 baseband device and the MtW8150 RFIC. A combination of features enables Metalink's WLANPlus family to deliver multiple HDTV streams to any location within a radius of 100 feet, while maintaining full QoS performance. Innovative packet-aggregation techniques boost media access control (MAC) efficiency with double the effective throughput of other products, according to the company.

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