With TVT 6.0 Schlafender Hase® Focuses on Continued Growth

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FRANKFURT AM MAIN, August 30, 2012

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, August 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

Schlafender Hase GmbH has released a new version of its market-leading Text Verification Tool ®  (TVT). TVT 6.0 offers features that make it an indispensable tool in any highly-regulated context. With an enhanced sales team, Schlafender Hase ®  expects to grow sales within the existing pharma customer base and to target new customers in pharma and other highly regulated industries.  

TVT 6.0 processes documents more quickly, has an improved report function and a graphically refreshed user interface. “Style settings can also be customized,” pointed out Elmar Braun , Lead Developer, “to better meet both regulatory requirements and important corporate identity guidelines.” TVT 6.0 supports the most recent QRD templates and the newest version of FDA-approved SPL files. “Our unique customer knowledge drives development,” said Frank Hessler , Managing Director Software Development, “TVT has one focus: customer needs.”

New sales team members drive growth

Customer knowledge also drives sales at Schlafender Hase® .  “Increasing efficiency is key to today's pharma industry,” stressed Willie Schnaubelt , Managing Director Sales. “Efficiency in the proofreading process brings a competitive advantage at a critical point in the pharma value chain.”

The current customer base of 140 corporations includes the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. “Our customer base is still deepening,” added Schnaubelt. “We have enhanced our sales team and can better penetrate other regions and industries. With TVT 6.0 and a stronger sales team I expect to further strengthen our leading position. “

TVT can be used in any proofreading situation where the printed document must be identical with the originally approved manuscript. TVT supports all standard file types in all major languages and is capable of comparing multiple files  and languages simultaneously. Schlafender Hase ®  is headquartered in  Frankfurt, Germany .

Willie Schnaubelt , Managing Director
Phone: +49-69-2444-8112

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